#3740 – landslide victory

i can’t fall asleep; the excedrin i had (hours and hours ago) has caffeine in it and is keeping me up.

i’m surprised nobody else voted in this one, bruno_boy only voted after i told him i was the only vote. rasputin wins in a landslide over hugo weaving, 2 to 0! then again, i didn’t think hugo weaving would beat him out, heh. here’s the current standings.

this one’ll be a bit tougher, though:

know what? even though i’ve got no idea how to play the guitar, i want to learn so i can create a punk band and do some awesome covers; i’ve been wanting to hear punk covers of “wooly bully” and “i am the very model of a modern major-general”… that second one there would be amazingly awesome if done well. hell, the entire “pirates of penzance” opera in a punk style would be neat! hrmm, hrmm, hrmm.