#3739 – (ice cream) headache

i went to sleep last night at 1 am, and around 5 am i woke up with the most in-tense headache i have ever had, it was horrible. i don’t remember what happened between 5 and 6, but at 6 am i was up again with the headache of doom. it felt like the area right behind my eyes was on fire, and i got no relief from closing my eyes or attempting to bury my head in my pillows or under the blankets. so, i took two advil and figured i’d give it about an hour before i decided whether or not i should go in, because i was seriously feeling nauseous with this headache. it was weird how it just hit me out of the blue, too.

around 6:50 i called into the callout line at work and said i was taking a sick day. nobody was there yet, so i had to leave my name and who my supervisor is and a contact number for me. after that i just tried to fall back asleep since my head was still killing me. i wasn’t scheduled to be at work until 9 (i leave the house around 8:15-8:20), but man oh man was i feeling terrible. if two advil hadn’t started working an hour later, i had no idea what i’d be feeling like by the time i’d have to be leaving for work. after some time i somehow fell back asleep, but i’ve got no idea when that happened.

i woke up now at 12:30ish pm and picked up my phone and came upstairs. apparently “unavailable” called me at 7 am (probably the federal scheduling team), and my co-worker idalia called me at 11:45, but my phone didn’t ring since it was still set on nothing-but-alarm mode. since there’s no way for me to call back whoever “unavailable” was, i called idalia to see what was up. apparently a customer or a sales rep i had worked with yesterday wanted to do a conference call, and since apparently one of my teammates had been working on the same account also, i told them what i did and of the email i sent to the sales rep yesterday detailing what happened and what’s being done and i guess they’re going to do the conference call today because they didn’t want to wait.

i’m feeling better now but still have the remainders of a headache floating around inside my head. i told idalia on the phone how i had called out today because of this killer headache, but i don’t know if she heard me or not; she told me “don’t get yourself sick on ben ‘n jerry’s free ice cream day!” (we had been saying yesterday how we’d go get free ice cream for lunch, haha) – that can’t appear to be good for me, calling out sick on free ice cream day!! even if i do feel a little bit better!