#3737 – geographically undesirable

LJ Interests meme results

  1. barq’s:
    has bite!
  2. committing haiku:
    cleaner than seppuku, and more witty:
  3. deduction powers

    you have failed me so badly

    i hate you a lot

  4. film noir:
    you dirty rat!
  5. information systems:
    my major; information systems management for life, baybee

    (actually, that’s how long it’ll take to get this darn degree :P)

  6. los amigos invisibles:
    the new sound of the venezuelan gozadera; first heard this band’s songs “sexy”, “ponerte en cuarto”, and “cuchi-cuchi” on WRNR… saw them at artscape in baltimore a few years ago… good latin music.
  7. music midtown:
    big ol’ concert in downtown atlanta that isn’t being held again 🙁 at least, not in the near future, unless they find a new place to have it 🙁
  8. pitying the fool:
    mr t’s specialty
  9. seasons of constancy:
    bryanyw‘s comic
  10. they might be giants:
    they just might be!
  11. zimne piwo:
    polish for “COLD BEER”! also, how i found coolerbythelake; we’re the only two lj users to have it listed in our interests.

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i kind of like that: “informations systems management for life, baybee… (actually, that’s how long it’ll take me to get this darn degree :P)” it’s the truth, though. at least i don’t have to worry as much about things like student loans or paying for school or anything like that. i think i know of two of the classes to register for the fall semester, and need to look into the possibility of a third.

in other news, we went out to dinner tonight with grandmother and grandaddy to adam’s ribs, and mmm mmm were those some fantastic ribs! talked a little bit about my moving-out plans, schooled grandaddy on using wikipedia, and schooled dad on the finer points of flickr (he’s got more pictures he’s setting up on there, but he’s not finished organizing them quite yet; he’s digitizing a bunch of slides he has, a few thousand!)

i’ve made a new mini cooper buddy in knickee_lynn 😀 reading about her motoring adventures reminds me of all the fun times i had with chance when i first got her, and makes me want to go on a motoring adventure over a weekend sometime soon. hmm… i should find someplace neat. or maybe atlantic city, i liked the borgata hotel ‘n casino…

anyway, reading about her and penelope (her new mini) i’ve been reading through some old eljay posts from about two years ago to find when i was taking delivery of my mini, but i got sidetracked by other posts and so i’ve been lol’ing over what i wrote back then and wtf’ing about the phoneposts i made with bruno_boy and omg’ing about various comments made. even the serious stuff where i was getting all emo or pissed off is still not that bad; i guess back in the day i was making mountains out of molehills. there’s still some comedic gold from back then, though… i went through a bunch of posts from 2 years ago today up until i got the mini in june:

  • (part 2)
  • (part 2)

    good times 🙂

    finally, it seems my eyebrows are still not safe. 🙁

    festive: i think we just need to get you off the computer and out where teh laydeez are

    me: yeah

    me: i can see you and my friend meowremix3804 pulling a “ladies’ eye for the glenn guy” episode

    me: she’s been wanting to tweeze my eyebrows

    festive: that would actually make a pretty good tv show

    me: i know, right?

    festive: oh heck no.

    festive: i’m sending you for a spa day

    me: i actually had a full posse ready to set me up

    me: one was giving me fashion hints

    me: another was going to tell me some cooking skills

    me: it was serious

    me: hahaha

    festive: and you can get a facial, a massage, and all that good shit. and your eyebrows are gonna get WAXED.

    festive: trust me on this one

    me: hahaha