#3721 – i feel horrible! :(

me: i’m going to go to hell 🙁 hahahahaa

kkthemook: uh oh

kkthemook: make fun of a mentally ill person?

me: lol nope

me: well, i presume you’ve heard on the news about a bear killing some kid and attacking her 2 year old brother and their mom out in tennessee somewhere?

kkthemook: yup

me: i was doing laundry just now and suddenly the idea of a ytmnd popped in my head with the song “teddy bears’ picnic” going with that news article

me: thankfully i haven’t actually MADE one

me: haha

kkthemook: HAHAHAHAHAH

kkthemook: that’s horrible

kkthemook: just hilarious

kkthemook: but horrible

me: i know

me: hahaha

kkthemook: BAD GLENN

me: i was like OMG WHAT HAVE I DONE

🙁 🙁 🙁