#3719 – what it even easier

yes, “what it even easier”. ladies and gentlemen in the us of a, it’s safe to say that your tax dollars do not go toward grammar lessons for internal revenue service employees.

today was easter; good times. the easter bunny brought me a movie about a were-rabbit 😀 yay wallace and gromit! we went to aunt ellen and uncle jack’s church for easter mass with the family and then had lunch and a party for pap-pap’s birthday at their place. kickball was involved too, and that was good times. it’s been a long time since i had done any kickball.

when we got home everybody was pretty pooped… i rested in my room for a little bit, cleaned out my wardrobe and dresser of clothes that didn’t fit me or were worn out so i couldn’t really wear them anymore, poked around on the internet at apartments, and watched the new dr who “dalek” episode on tv.

i’ll have to see about working on the pictures from last night’s karaoke and today’s festivities sometime tomorrow.

also, regarding karaoke last night, i ended up doing a few different songs:

– “you really got me”, van halen

– “my generation”, the who

– “paradise by the dashboard light”, meat loaf

– “tainted love”, soft cell

– “fish heads”, barnes & barnes (group song, as “the cut crew”)

if there’s a lesson to be learned from that, it is that just because a song isn’t in the “duets” section of the book doesn’t mean that it won’t be a duet when you go to sing it – “paradise by the dashboard light” is normally about 6-8 minutes long, and that is a LONG 6-8 minutes when you end up having to sing both the male and female parts (my singing of the female part made her sound like a sea-hag wench 🙁 hahahaha).

in any case, i should probably get off to bed now…

eta: IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY, GO VOTE IN THE JOHNNY CASH / SAMUEL L JACKSON POLL. if it’s still tied tomorrow after i get home from work and everything, i’ll have to do another coin-toss to determine the winner 😛

eta eta: sweet, no car insurance payment due this month since my last policy is all paid up and they haven’t made up a new one yet; that’s like $200 of free money that i can definitely use, my bank account was coming kinda close there with these tax payments!