#3718 – a joke

i’m going through my wardrobe and removing the old clothes that don’t fit anymore or are just too worn to really wear again, and i found my junior/senior blazer from high school.

on a whim i checked the pockets and found my “A JOKE” sign, bahahaha

(zenmetsu had told me about that sketch, and so one day i made a sign that said “A JOKE” at school and kept it inside my pocket of my jacket. one day when we were in religion class with father damian, this tall tall man with this deep deep voice, and he began the class as usual by saying in his booming voice “LET US PRAY”, which drew a response from three clowns in the front row replying back “SO WE CAN MAKE IT THROUGH THE DAY” a la mc hammer’s song “pray”. father damian – who’s normally a very serious man – cracked up laughing, and i pulled out my sign that said “A JOKE” and he couldn’t compose himself for a good 5-10 minutes, bahahaha)