#3716 – it's a raid

i figure with this new version of aperture i might as well back up my existing photo library on here to my external drive and then start a new one from scratch. would you believe i’ve got 17 gigs of photos on here? i think that’s only since january, too. yup, shooting in RAW has a downside to it, and that’s it.

know what i need? a 7 terabyte xserve raid, and link that up with an intel mac once they’ve been released.

for the time being i need to figure out a good archiving scheme for these photos; since the program keeps everything consolidated into one database, along with the instructions for modifying the photos as per any changes that i make, i just need to back up that one archive. the problem is, it’s a 17+ gig archive – that’s not exactly going to fit on a dvd by itself. it does give you the option to export the original RAW files, but since they’re the original files they don’t have any modifications (which is good and bad; good because then it’s like i have the original digital negatives, bad because i’d have to make any modifications i want to make over again). i can also export the files as jpegs, and those’ll be much smaller than the RAW files but i don’t really want to go back to edit those if i want to make any changes.

i think that what i need to do is take the archive, and:

  • export the original RAW files, burn these to dvds (keeping the original pictures i’ve taken
  • export the jpeg files with the modifications i’ve done, burn these to dvds (keeping the original changed versions)
  • copy the entire archive itself to my backup drive, assuming i have enough space (keeping the original RAW files with the original changes)

hm. but if i’ve got the original RAW files with the original changes as in #3, then why would i need the first two? i guess it couldn’t hurt to archive the first two anyway, just in case my backup drive bites the dust. either way, i’d like to keep the archive with the original changes around for the time that i do get a setup much more conductive toward photo editing.

in any case, i’m trying to consolidate and fix up my online photo portfolio and website. it’s got too many pictures up now and i want to make it look a little nicer too.

i got an idea today to help me on my way toward possibly doing more in photography than just photos i take for myself; when i worked at the naval academy in their athletic department i got to know their photographer for the athletics teams – phil hoffman. it couldn’t hurt to see if i might be able to roam around at some sporting events and work on some action photography.

tomorrow they’re coming to swap out our cablebox, and then i’m going to help ben out with some pictures of his car, and karaoke tomorrow night. whee!