#3714 – $100 coupon

so apple came out with aperture 1.1 today as a downloadable upgrade, and dropped the regular price down too; people who bought aperture 1.0 got a form to send in to get an e-coupon for $100 to spend in the apple online store.

now, what should i use this for? can’t use it for itunes purchases. i guess i’ll just sit on it until summer so i can see what they’ll be announcing at macworld. i’ll have to use it by september, though.

helped the family upgrade their phones today; mom got an lg 9800 (same as my phone), and dad, kelly, and anne got the lg 5200. i think kelly is jealous of mom’s phone, though. they wanted me to put ringtones on mom’s and kelly’s phones, and though i was able to with my phone before i don’t remember exactly what i had to do to get it to work, and i can’t do it with kelly’s phone until i can get a data cable which won’t be anytime soon because of other more pressing purchases and payments that need to be made.