#3710 – round 7

RESULTS OF ROUND 6: Audie Murphy wins via a coin-flip tiebreaker in a 8-8 tie with Rosa Parks!

ROUND 7: Elie Wiesel vs. George S. Patton – fight those nazis! fight fight fight!


what he’s got: holocaust survivor. wrote an autobiographical series of books (“night”, “dawn”, and “the accident”) of his experiences in auschwitz. won the nobel peace prize for speaking out against repression.

what he’s not: accused of hypocrisy for not speaking out against selected issues, including the plight of the palestinian people. supposedly a “contemptible poseur and windbag.”


what he’s got: represented the united states in the first-ever pentathlon in the 1912 summer olympics. army general, fearless tank leader. shot in the upper thigh during world war i and would drop his pants when tipsy and declare himself a ‘half-assed general’. just the thought of him in certain places caused the germans to fear an invasion. dressed and acted flashy to emphasize his rank. the best, according to german officers.

what he’s not: slapped two privates who were suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder