#3709 – round 6

RESULTS OF ROUND 5: Teddy Roosevelt walks all over R. Lee Ermey, 15-5!

ROUND 6: Audie Murphy vs. Rosa Parks


what he’s got: most decorated soldier of world war ii, receiving 33 awards / decorations including the medal of honor; single-handedly held off 6 tanks and scores of german infantry all the while fighting atop a burning tank destroyer that could explode at any moment. credited with killing 240+ enemy soldiers and still captured / wounded many others. advocate for returning korean / vietnam war veterans due to his experiences with post-traumatic stress disorder.

what he’s not: superhuman; he died when his private plane crashed into a mountainside in fog and rain


what she’s got: stood sat firm and refused to give up her seat to a white man on a segregated bus in montgomery, alabama. received many awards and worldwide recognition for her courage, including the presidential medal of freedom.

what she’s not: though she was all for equal rights, was possibly trying to stifle freedom of speech rights because of her name being used “disrespectfully” in a song title. family members countered by having a guardian of legal matters appointed for her: “My auntie would never, ever go to this length to hurt some young artists trying to make it in the world,” Parks’ niece Rhea McCauley said in an Associated Press interview. “As a family, our fear is that during her last days Auntie Rosa will be surrounded by strangers trying to make money off of her name.”

voting closed! audie murphy wins in a coin-flip tiebreaker!