#3708 – bwi trail jaunt

originally uploaded by globalglenn.

got some errands done today: i was able to head up to umbc and talk with my advisor to schedule an appointment for class advising next wednesday morning before work, and afterwards i went to the bwi trail for a jaunt and to experiment with this fake tilt-shift technique that makes photos look like they’re pictures of a model. i only got one decent fake tilt-shift effect (see? it’s only a model. the effect looks much much better the higher-up you are, though… example 1 and example 2), but i got some other good shots of the few miles of trail i walked. just look at the detail on that plane!

afterwards i came home and was able to call up comcast to troubleshoot my cable box since it won’t play back recorded shows correctly (the video goes choppy and soon the screen goes black and it won’t let you do anything)… lucky for me they do weekend appointments too, so they’re coming out on saturday to swap the box out.

i need to find my tripod by then, because my ol’ coworker ben got some new wheels for his car and is getting it all detailed and wants some good photos of it, and there’s some techniques i want to try.