#3699 – round 3!

RESULTS OF ROUND 2: Muhammad Ali sends Vin Diesel trucking with a score of 17-5!

moving on to round 3 of the tournament, today’s competition is…

ROUND 3: Hugo Weaving vs. Milla Jovovich

as bruno_boy put it, “In our next competition, we’ll see if Agent Smith can defeat a new evil that is trying to take up residence in the position of the best badass.”


what he’s got: played the roles of “agent smith” in the matrix and “v” in v for vendetta. australian star of the year for 1998.

what he’s not: he’s just another actor, nothing especially special about him.


what she’s got: born in what is now the ukraine. vh1 declares her to be “the reigning queen of kick-butt”. performed almost all of her own stunts in the film resident evil. voted sexiest movie star, and has appeared in several top actress/model rankings. accomplished singer.

what she’s not: single; she’s engaged to mortal kombat director paul anderson