#3697 – round 2!

RESULTS OF ROUND 1: Al Capone beats Che Guevera, 20-7!

yes, it’s true! che guevara was al capowned!

now, continuing the tournament, today’s competition is…

ROUND 2: Vin Diesel vs. Muhammad Ali


what he’s got: rearrange the letters in his name and you get “I END LIVES”. formerly worked as a bouncer.

what he’s not: vin diesel (his real name is “mark vincent”). plays dungeons and dragons. also starred in “The Pacifier”.


what he’s got: “the greatest”. sports illustrated’s “sportsman of the century”. tossed george foreman around with his “rope-a-dope” style, as well as whupping dozens of other boxers in the ring. colorful all around, in both actions (spoke out against the vietnam war as a conscientious objector and stood firm in his beliefs) and words (“A man can’t hit what a man can’t see. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!”). lit the olympic torch in atlanta for the 1996 summer games. retired from boxing with a record of 56 wins and 5 losses. continues to assist with “humanitarian endeavors” though stricken with parkinson’s disease.

what he’s not: humble (but try naming a badass that is!)

VOTING CLOSED! Muhammad Ali wins, 17-5! now voting in round 3!

remember, spread the word about voting! winner of this matchup goes up against al capone in match-up #9!