i was thinking this over yesterday after reading about teddy roosevelt’s speech, and bruno_boy and i put our heads together and thought up an assortment of 16 various people of the 20th century who were badass in some way. march madness is over, but we’re still going to have a tournament to see who’s the BEST OF THE BADASS!

rules are simple: here’s the list of contenders (randomly seeded, thanks to a random list of numbers from – you can try predicting who you want to win if you’d like, there – and i’ll post a blurb on here for the two contenders of the day and you vote. person with the most votes moves on. could be interesting!

ROUND 1: Al Capone vs. Che Guevara


what he’s got: “scarface”, mob boss of chicago, mastermind of the st. valentine’s day massacre. possibly made $100-million / year through his shady dealings

what he’s not: a used furniture dealer, as his business card claimed. busted by the irs for tax evasion of all things.


what he’s got: revolutionary, guerrilla warfare leader, considered to be second-in-power in cuba to fidel castro. gave up his spoils of war to further the cause of revolution

what he’s not: another pretty face

4/6/06, 11:25 pm – VOTING CLOSED! Al Capone wins, 20-7! now voting in round #2!

p.s.! spread the word around eljay, the more people voting the more definitive the “best of the badass” award is!