#3693 – Maybelle Stansfield (1895-present)

Maybelle Stansfield (1895-present)

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Most Teachers College alumni remember their first day at TC. The excitement of learning from some of the top names in education, the confusion of finding your way through labyrinthine hallways, the admonition from the Students’ Executive Council that “students are to wear hats when they go to Columbia, or to the parks.”

OK, the last item may only apply to Maybelle Stansfield Montgomery, likely Teachers College’s oldest living graduate. Maybelle is 110, and received a master’s degree from TC in 1921.

To put that in perspective: When Maybelle was born in 1895 in a farmhouse in Southern Texas, Grover Cleveland was president. She was in college when America entered World War I. By the end of World War II, she had already retired. You never tell someone they “don’t look a day over 110.” But whatever 110 should look like, Maybelle far outshines it. She has a wheelchair to help her move about, but she thinks quickly and has a self-deprecating sense of humor. She still lives in the same home she built with her husband in 1927.

saw this in my contacts’ photo list on flickr – wow… that’s kind of mind-boggling! i can only wish that i’ll be around in 2092 and then some! click the picture to read a bit more as well as a pdf of an interesting article.