#3692 – crazy train

the game itself was fantastic! everything else wasn’t.

– getting to the stadium took forever because of waiting for the light rail train

– my camera’s battery crapped out halfway through the opening ceremonies. though i didn’t charge it after the game the other day, the indicator still said it was near a full charge (and after the trip to the aquarium in atlanta i had taken about the same number of pictures as i did at the baseball game the other day, and didn’t need to charge the battery after that. i think it may be the zoom constantly focusing for this lens, most likely).

– leaving the game took longer than the game itself, due to waiting forever to get on a light rail train (they either took forever to show up and then filled up too quickly, or were going to other destinations), and once i was able to get on a train it broke down. 20 minutes later they finally had it fixed, but then a very drunk guy got on with his semi-drunk buddies (and thankfully he didn’t spew on us). a fight almost broke out on the train. the train almost broke down again. by the time we arrived at our stop it was raining buckets with hail and a tornado watch. it took longer to get home than it did for the game itself! 😛

other than that, it was fantastic! o’s won, 9-6, with 4 home runs (including back-to-back home runs that hadn’t been done on an opening day since 1973!). i met up with cheryl (one of my coworkers) and her sister and they moved over to some empty seats next to me and bought me a beer. a stripper was advertising her services by throwing coupons at our section before she left since she hadn’t had a ticket for our area. all in all, though, it was a fun game, and i think i might look into getting an extra battery sometime.

i also think i saw our celebrity again, but this time in a different outfit. i recognized the bag, though, hah. there were also sexy ladies at the ballpark. go team sexy ladies!

tomorrow starts my first day of working 9-6. no waking up at 5:30 am! at least, not on days that aren’t thursday. i still need to wake up at 5:30 for work on thursdays for my class that night.