#3685 – "that looks like patrick stewart!"

i’m watching “pride of the yankees” on tcm, all about lou gehrig. it was made in 1942, and gary cooper is playing the part of lou gehrig.

at one part i glanced at the tv and this guy came in while eating a hot dog and drinking a beer and i thought “hey, that guy must be babe ruth!” someone then said to him “hey babe, was that home run yesterday #62 or #63?”

a little while later, dad came home from his trip and i was telling him about the show, and i saw babe ruth on tv again and said to dad “i think that’s supposed to be babe ruth.” dad replied with “that IS babe ruth!”

does this mean i can’t make fun of bruno_boy anymore for “that looks like patrick stewart” / “dave, that IS patrick stewart!”?

i don’t know why i didn’t think of that, especially since i’ve already got a movie with babe ruth playing himself. 😛