#3684 – 70-200mm f/4 L

i HEART HEART HEART HEART penn camera. like, serious hearts.

after work i swung by their store in laurel and went to see about getting the 70-200mm f/4 L lens. when i went in, i seriously thought i was talking with zenmetsu‘s brother, or at least his twin. this guy looked exactly like him, but with his hair just a slightly lighter color. even sounded a little bit the same, too. weird. anyway, so i told the guy that i was looking for this lens and he pulled it out of the cabinet. i popped it on my camera, tried taking a few photos (it’s got a very nice and fast autofocus, and the picture quality is sharp sharp sharp oops-cut-myself into-the-eye-it-goes ouchums sharp), and told him i’d take it along with a uv filter for protection. he popped the filter on the lens for me right there (after clearing away any bits of dust with some air).

i was able to use this $50 gift card i got for christmas toward the purchase:

$629.99 lens + $31.99 filter – $50.00 gift card + $33.10 tax = $645.08 total

afterwards he said “ok, now let’s see if it’s bonus day!” and i was confused at first; he checked a printout on the wall and said “ok, you’ll have to come back another day”, and clarified it by saying “tomorrow starts the rebate for this lens… it’s only $40, but just come back in a few days – any reasonable amount of time – and i’ll refund and resell the lens to you so you can get the rebate. you don’t even need to bring the lens back in, just bring me your receipt!” now how nice is that? $605 including tax?? especially since i was strongly considering getting the 70-300mm f/4-5.6 lens for a while, and that one is $575!

so, time to present the good, the bad, and the non-ugly!

the good:

New lens!

lens hood, lens, lens cap (duh), and satchel

the bad:

i don’t know how to fit all my stuff in my bag! 🙁 my camera bag is about the size of a large padded lunchbox. the new lens comes with this satchel to carry it in but it’s not really that fantastic. i can get everything *in* the bag, but it’s like a puzzle doing so. while i can carry the lens in the satchel, it’s not the sort of thing you want to cary a lens like this around in regularly. i think now i’ll keep the lens hood and the lens itself in the satchel, and keep that at the bottom of my camera bag, and then layer my camera on top of that? at least for occasions when i’ll be reasonably sure i’ll need a telephoto. the good part about how things are layered in like this is that there’s no room for them to move around. the bad thing about how things are layered in like this is that they might be packed in too tightly? i dunno. i’m still fiddling around

the not-so-ugly:

Medium range, far focus

click the “all sizes” button at the top and look at the large or the original versions, it looks really nice!

in other news, cheryl – the lady who sits next to me at work – called me to say that her 19-year-old son ryan (who is a salesperson for us in one of our stores), sold melvin mora a car charger today and that she and he were excited about it, hahaha. also, kendrick and i saw each other in the stairwell at work today, and we had a 2 minute argument over who would win, the o’s or the nats. we ended our debate by saying that our choice of brand for our cameras (canon vs nikon) was the best. we’re dorks.

tomorrow: baseball game at 4:35! i’ll have to see how this lens performs at the yard…