#3682 – sick day

woke up this morning and still wasn’t feeling entirely well, so i called in sick. at least my headache was gone, but somehow i still felt out of it. came upstairs, and then slept for another 6 hours until about noon.

i spent most of the day watching old episodes of “airline” i had recorded, my second dvd of “the brak show”, and fiddling around with my cable box. i think it should be working a little better now, and i need to find some way of ventilating the cabinet better. i also think i got mom interested in putting curtains up in the living room, due to some experiments i was doing with the operation of the cable box with regards to sunlight and heat vs. recording and the remote.

i got email news that my fafsa has been completed and sent to umbc for determining if i can get federal grants so i can quit my job and finish class full-time. the problem is, it calculated the amount i myself can provide based on the amount i made the previous year, using my tax return as an estimation. so, it says “hey glenn, you’ll be able to provide $11,000-something! we’ll take that into consideration when figuring out how much else we’ll give you!”. the problem is, if i want to do this full-time, i’ll have to quit my job and then how will i get the $11,000-something they think i’m providing? wish there was a way to say “hey, look, this is what my plan is”…

i have also kind of been looking into university of maryland university college, but i’m still unsure about that. blahh.

tomorrow: work, then class. funny, i’m not in the mood for either. 😛