#3681 – old folks should be ashamed of themselves

got off of work today at 11 so i could go into dc to see this photo seminar; it was sponsored by penn camera, and was by apple, canon, and pulitzer-prize winning photographer vincent laforet. apple talked a little bit about “aperture”, their program that i use for my photographs, then vincent did a little bit about using the program, canon gave a presentation on their prosumer (or as their presenter said, “they’re ‘professional’ cameras because if we didn’t call them ‘professional’ then the amateurs wouldn’t buy them”) camera features, and then vincent did another walkthrough of a typical editing job with aperture. it was pretty good, though i didn’t really learn that much new about aperture than i already knew. you’ve seen vincent’s photography before, probably, but just haven’t realized it (the story he told us of how he got up there to take the photo was pretty amusing, as well as pretty scary!). he also showed us pictures of some sports photgraphy he started with, as well as journalism photos, and even photos he took as one of the few people able to first photograph new orleans after katrina as well as the winter olympics. also gave us some general tips and words of encouragement. very interesting! his portfolio makes mine pale by comparison, haha.

things i found out:

– while i was probably one of the youngest people there, old folks should be ashamed of themselves; they don’t know how to act in a presentation – phones were going off left and right, and the lady next to me kept clearing her throat and making it difficult to pay attention.

– the canon 5d feels fantastic to hold; too bad it is $3299. 🙁

– i’m jealous of vincent’s work.

– apple should be coming out with an update to aperture to make it version 1.1 by the end of march, apparently

afterwards i tried to go see the cherry blossoms, but it wasn’t very much fun in the rain. so, i went to “elephant and castle” and got a strongbow. came home to find out mom and anne got chinese food on pizza night and i was sad for no pizza (also sad because i don’t like the chinese food place here, yuk). so, i ordered one for myself. savannah the cat tried breaking into the pizza box when i wasn’t looking, though. bad cat!

i’m not feeling well at all, though. had a headache since this afternoon and my sinuses have just been getting worse and worse. going to bed early, and will have to see how i’m feeling in the morning.