#3675 – big wheel keep on turning

my throat is killing me.

spelchec, _dream_believer, bruno_boy, zenmetsu, mytinyworld, and myself (as well as others) were out at remington’s in laurel for karaoke night; i ended up singing “squeezebox” by the who and “proud mary” by creedence clearwater revival, as well as joining in with tom’s idea of “the cut crew” (as we call our group songs) doing “rock lobster” by the b-52’s. of those three songs, mine went pretty well – i really liked my performance of “proud mary” – but when we tried to do “rock lobster” it wasn’t that great considering that of the people singing, only a few could remember how the tune went, and of those people we could barely remember exactly how it went, heh…

i tried to tell them how great “toxic shack” was, but they didn’t believe me. so: “toxic shack” mashup.

other things i remember needing to link to for people that we mentioned tonight: bigbigtruck‘s samurai champloo gorillaz-esque art. there were others, but i can’t find the link now.

pictures of tonight to come tomorrow.

in other news, i wonder what raistlinvassago has been up to since i left? i think friday was going to be a day of moving furniture, and i know that the internet has been moved to her new place already… i wonder how things have been going? hm…