#3674 – taxes done

taxes done: i owe $352 to the feds, and $361 to the state. bah. at least it’s not like last year (a bazillion dollars owed to the state). i think it even was better than when i was originally fiddling around with my taxes a month or so ago… i realized that though my work pays for my tuition, i still paid for some of it myself, so yay education credit.

when i was talking with festive last night, she suggested i try taking 9 credits of work this fall, and then doing BUNAC next year. it’s a neat idea, though i don’t know how realistic it is to try to get 9 credits in the fall what with working full time. she suggested that maybe i should consider quitting work and finishing my degree in order to get a better job after degree. it might be a good idea, since just a quick look at the schedule for the upcoming summer classes (fall classes aren’t up yet) show nothing in the evenings starting after 6 pm, which is a problem for me since my new schedule will have me getting off of work at that time. while it’s not going to be that bad for the fall (there’s definitely going to be some classes starting after that time), it throws a wrench into any plans for taking classes over the summer – with that schedule of classes, the only way i’d be able to get any summer classes in would be if i manage to get an earlier shift for july-september, and then take the classes during the second summer session. other issues to consider include how i’ll be paying for it, too.

i guess i’ll have to find out from my supervisor what the exception process is regarding leaving work for classes.

hm. lemme see what i need to graduate…

  • one more arts/humanities course (either in archaeology/ancient studies, or in music)
  • one more social science course (either in economics or psychology)
  • one biology/physical science course with a lab
  • a language course at the 201 level (so for japanese i’d need 102 and 201, and i’d hopefully take that at anne arundel community college and transfer the credit)
  • a language or a culture course (though this can be substituted with a math or statistics course, or the japanese 102 course will count for this if i get a “C” or better)
  • another physical education course
  • 22 more upper-level credits
  • i need 120+ credits to graduate (though this courseload planner that umbc has says that i have 78 credits, my transcript says i’ve attempted 83 credits and earned 87? it doesn’t have the phys-ed course i already took listed yet, either)

    that’s just umbc’s requirements… this is what i need for the information systems program:

    Information Systems

  • IS 300 Management Information Systems
  • IS 310 Software and Hardware Concepts
  • IS 410 Introduction to Database Design
  • IS 420 Database Application Development
  • IS 425 Decision Support Systems
  • IS 436 Structured Systems Analysis & Design
  • IS 450 Data Communications and Networks
  • IS 451 Network Design and Management
  • IS 3xx or 4xx Upper Level IS Elective (may not use IS 399 or IS 400)

    Mathematics and Computer Science

  • MATH 155 Elementary Calculus I
  • MATH 215 Finite Mathematics for Information Sciences
  • STAT 351 Applied Statistics for Business and Economics
  • CMSC 201 Computer Science I for Majors
  • CMSC 202 Computer Science II for Majors


  • IS 247 Selected Topics in High-Level Programming Languages and Tools
  • One additional semester of an approved programming language (or another IS 247 course, apparently)

    Administrative Science

  • ECAD 210 The Practice of Management
  • ECON 101 Principles of Economics I
  • ECON 102 Principles of Economics II
  • ECON 121 Principles of Accounting I
  • ECON 122 Principles of Accounting II
  • ENGL 393 Technical Writing

    about 16 classes left, not counting any additional electives i may need to get up to 120 credits (though i doubt it’d be many if any at all). gahh, so much left to do…

    eta: actually, make that 15 classes: i’m already taking IS 436 this current semester…

    eta eta: 13 classes left! recounted considering the overlap between some of umbc’s requirements and the information system department’s requirements