#3670 – travelled

got back home about an hour ago; my throat is killing me for having to run from gate E3 to B11 at charlotte – apparently atlanta had a full ground stop for all incoming traffic so no planes could arrive due to the weather, and we left atlanta a little bit late. oh well.

anyway, it was fun times hanging out with raistlinvassago! i’ve finished uploading the last of the pictures (we didn’t have internet the last few days, so though i got some up i couldn’t tag ’em or do anything like that) – check them all out here.

(it’s weird, i look at some of them and i’m all surprised that i was the one who took the picture, haha…)

yesterday we went to helen, a little village in the mountains of georgia, where it’s like a little german town. today, we saw “v for vendetta”. and speaking of which…

now i should probably get to bed; at least i won’t have to be at work until noon tomorrow, though. even then, i’ll only need to work until 4.

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