#3660 – kill the umpire

world baseball classic has march madness beat ANY day. except, bob davison is a poor excuse for an umpire:

– blowing call in usa vs. japan game regarding player on 3rd leaving after ball was caught and runner tagged up

– missing derek jeter running back to first and being tagged before touching base

– ball bouncing OFF THE FOUL POLE and being ruled a double instead of a home run

this guy is throwing the game for the united states! 😛 but then again, the umpires conferenced and apparently NONE of them saw it hit the foul pole! sheesh!

at least it makes for a thrilling game. the bizarre thing is that mexico eventually got a run, and that means they’re eliminated since they would have had to go 13 innings and then score 3 runs to advance! though they don’t have a chance of going any farther, if they beat the usa by enough runs then japan advances instead. (these rules for tiebreakers and such are too confusing! :P)

eta: also, GROSS.