#3655 – dinnertime conversation

i had mentioned to my parents about a week ago of my upcoming trip to atlanta; they seem to have forgotten much of the details about it, though. mom asked me earlier tonight “when do you go on your trip again?” and at dinner dad said “what’s this again about a trip?”

me: “yeah, i’m going to atlanta, leaving this weekend”

mom: “oh, yeah… i didn’t remember if it was florida or atlanta or new orleans”

me: “nope. new orleans is in may; that’s the crawfish broil.”

mom: “who were you going to see again?”

me: “my friend jennifer”

mom: “is she the friend of yours you went to england with?”

me: “no, that’s michelle. she lives in florida.”

dad: “oh, that’s where i thought you were planning on going.”

me: “no, but i’ve been telling her she should come up and visit…”

*at this point i tell them about how she wanted to get away from florida and how she wanted to be in cooler temperatures and wear sweaters and coats and stuff like that*

anne: “she should visit mr rogers, he’s got lots of sweaters.”