#3650 – tigon

there was a liger on tv, but the guy who took care of him called him a “tigon” instead. sheesh!

ben had a cookout tonight; first he and kendrick and i went to bass pro so kendrick could look at a scope or something for this gun he has, and i bought 8 moon pies there ($4.19 with tax, good deal!) while kendrick and ben thought i was weird for doing so. hey, moon pies are good, and they’re even better when they’re only $0.49 each!

after that we went to look for beer and other liquids for the cookout, and ran into meowremix3804 and otsukare_sama at the liquor store.

deltoidzee showed up, we had some chicken and bratwurst, made some bad jokes at each other’s expense, and generally had fun.

i was feeling tired around 11, so i headed home around 11:15 or so. i’m feeling a little out of it now, though. maybe i’ll go to bed soon…