#3646 – pete townshend, eat your heart out -or- maximum r&g


originally uploaded by William_Killeen_2020.

mytinyworld took this picture of me today; i wish my right hand made it in the frame, but it’s ok because i was windmilling pete townshend-style at the time.

i’m thinking of editing it up to look like this:

i might do a reenactment of the photo, though… depending how the non-hand version turns out.

anyway, today i had work (yay.), bruno_boy called me on my way home so i picked him up, we went for a walk around downtown, i bought a pete townshend cd (“psychoderelict”) and a cd by andrew bird ($2! i don’t know what it is yet, though). william showed up, and we went to the mall where suncoast / sam goody was having a clearance sale and i bought superman, season 1 of the brak show, kung-fu hustle, and damn yankees.

oh! and i got my car washed today! i took it to this carwash across the street from where i used to work, and they did an excellent job in only about 10 minutes, nice and speedy! washed, scrubbed, waxed; everything looks much better… i think i’ll try to take some pictures of it tomorrow.

tomorrow, cookout! maybe i’ll be going to karaoke tomorrow night too, but i don’t know yet.