#3643 – john lennon is dead

last night i dreamed i was watching the world baseball classic, and bob costas was announcing; i don’t remember who was playing, but i remember the camera scanning some club-level seating and they were showing who was sponsoring the game, and all of the sponsors were asleep except for one or two!

i remember at one point when he was showing who was who, he was saying who each person was. while he was doing this, he said “and this just in: john lennon is dead!” and the fans all went “awwwww”. bob costas then said “here is such-and-such, he owns a broadway theater. after the game you might be able to go up to the roof and meet some broadway actresses, have a michelob, and see john lennon’s killer!”

when i woke up i was a little distressed (“someone’s going to kill john lennon!?”), until i remembered that it was over 25 years ago that he was killed.

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