#3632 – i just saved $250 by switching to guy-co!

so far today has been awesome!

– the systems were mostly down at work this morning, so we got to just sit around goofing off from about 7:15 until about 9:30ish am

– awesome roast beef for lunch, with carrots and rice. yum yum!

– after lunch from 11-noon, i had a training session on “4 steps to improve workplace relationships”; it was scheduled from 1-3, but we finished at 2:30 so i had another half-hour of sitting around chilling

– even after that i still had my two 15-minute breaks to use before i was scheduled to leave at 4!

– got my haircut and it looks sharp!


wow, does my nose look big in that first picture! yikes!

– went to joseph a. bank to sign up for my 20% corporate discount card (thank you for that hookup, brad peabody), and told the guy i was interested in getting the all-season wool 2-button suit (i had seen it online for $199.99, but don’t think i mentioned that at first). after he fitted me in a suit and we went to ring up he said it’d be $600-something! i told him i saw it online for $199.99. the other style they had was $450, though, and they didn’t have one for $199.99, but he suggested i print out the webpage and bring it in and they could see what they could do; i printed it out, brought it in, and he found the one mentioned in the ad and hooked me up for the price that it was listed as being in the ad online – the one online was $450 on sale for $199.99 – and so with alterations and tax and all for a fitted navy blue suit with pin-stripes that looks very sharp on me it came out to be $236! good deal! he said it’d be ready by the 20th (i hope it’s before then, since i won’t be here after the 18th, and i’d like to have it for will and meg’s wedding on the 18th), but they’ll let me know if they get it back before then. i’d guess that they give conservative estimates on dates for things like that, anyway.

– finally, a pun:

why are pirates called “pirates”?

because they ARRRRRR!!!