#3627 – *shakes his fist*

when i order stuff to have it delivered by ups, they’re either really good about the delivery or really stupid about it.

i’d say that about 85% of the time things we order from them are delivered in our sunroom to the side of the house, which is logical – it’s sheltered from the elements, and anything that’s been delivered can’t be seen by random people; you’d have to walk up a hill (the driveway) to actually get to the sunroom, and even then you’d have to look in.

the other 15% of the time, i have to wonder what these guys are smoking! a few times i’ve seen the package left in the driveway, right in front of the sunroom door more than a few times. i’ve also seen them leave packages in the middle of the front sidewalk, again, right next to the driveway. right in the open! what if it rained? what if someone was walking around and saw this ups box and decided to walk on up and take it?

the most bizarre delivery was actually by dhl, though. they left a replacement ipod that apple was shipping to me at the BOTTOM of the driveway, in the newspaper delivery box! it was like a scavenger hunt trying to find that one. 😛