#3623 – short-term

i figured i did a list of things for the long-term, i should probably also do a to-do list for the short-term (as in things to do in march). in general order of decreasing importance:

– buy airplane ticket

pay bills

– get haircut

– buy suit

– get new clothes for work

– get new pair of shoes and a new pair of shoelaces

– get the mini washed

– buy that camera lens (this can wait until later in the month, once i get my reimbursement for my tuition i paid)

all of that (other than the ticket, bills, and the camera lens) i’m hoping to do on saturday… i don’t know what meowremix3804 is doing then, though.

saturday night some of us (bruno_boy, myself, and whoever else wants to go) will be going into fells point to soundgarden and max’s if anybody’s interested…