#3613 – selling vancouver

so canada was just doing their display for the next winter olympics in vancouver… it was pretty entertaining, but i had some recommendations of my own that should have been included as you’ll see – michelle and i were doing our take on the ceremony:

me: bahahaha

me: they should have ridden a zamboni out

me: with the stanley cup on top like a hood ornament

me: hahaha

festive: whoa sweet

me: yeah

me: this is pretty good

festive: this is sweet

festive: fish!

me: hahaha

me: they need to do the lumberjack song

festive: this is totally cirque du soleil

me: bahahahaha

me: where’s bob and doug mackenzie?

me: haha

festive: ugh i can’t stand her

me: at least it’s not celine dion i guess

me: but i agree

me: lumberjack song would have been better

me: haha

festive: ugh celine dion

festive: hehehe

me: that display is sweet

me: haha they’re playing hockey on it

me: a tribute to the FLAG??

me: i’m sure the flag appreciates it

festive: hehe



festive: EXACTLY

festive: wtf is with the women dressed like MADONNA?