#3605 – it's kind of true

the other day, bruno_boy and i were doing impersonations and reenactments of our high school gym class and mr messier, our gym coach (who, btw, looks like a small version of hulk hogan and talks with a new york accent, stuff like “what! youse guys thinks youse funnys? joins the soicuses!” and “if youse guys don’t stop breaking into each others lockers, i’ll have to stay in here while youse guys gets dressed! that is not how i gets my kicks!”)

anyway, our impersonation went along these lines (and based on a true story, too):

mr messier: “HEY CRANDALL… where’s your uniform?”

crandall: “uh i don’t have it mr messier…”

mr messier: “DON’T YOU GIVE ME THAT CRAP. where’s your note?”

crandall: “uh, what note?”

mr messier: “the note you should have gotten from brother pat; where’s your note?”

crandall: “well my uniform is in the wash…”

mr messier: “THAT’S A DEMERIT! you should have gotten a note!”

crandall: “but mr messier, it’s in the wash!”

mr messier: “ANOTHER DEMERIT! keep talking crandall, and i’ll keep handing them out! you want to keep digging yourself into this hole, huh?”

when we did this skit for mytinyworld, his response: “DEAR GOD… it’s like a poor man’s version of ‘uncle tom’s cabin’!”, which is one of the funniest things i’ve heard, hahahahahhaha