#3600 – into the ring

work was BO-RING. i don’t say that because i had too little to do, oh no… i had a ton of orders i was still waiting on bits and pieces from different departments so i could finish them, and i completed 1 order today. ONE. i did have a teleconference on data services which was kind of interesting and a nice break, but other than that it was pretty blah.

took pictures at my friend / fraternity brother patrick’s announcement of running for state delegate; i’ll have to put my pictures up. in the meantime, you can see pictures from an alumni brother of ours who has a much better setup than i have here. overall i thought it went pretty well! scored myself a free t-shirt and two bumperstickers (one for my car’s window, and the other to pin up in my cube at work).

dropped by campus for our business meeting, but since i was a little bit early i called raistlinvassago and talked for a little bit before the meeting; i had thought, hoped, and expected it would be a shortish meeting, but NO, there was tons of parliamentary drama and all sorts of crazy stuff and didn’t get out until 11:30. *sigh*

now i have to go to sleep and wake back up at 6 am. blarghhh!

spring break needs to hurry on up and get here 🙂