#3599 – running around

today i woke up, ran to church at 12:30, heard from bruno_boy that we were going to meet up at spelchec‘s place to watch some mst3k, ran to pick up dave and headed to tom’s place to watch “the castle of fu manchu” with mytinyworld and their friend lindsay.

after that we ran to the mongolian grill, and were eventually joined by about 17 or so people… first time i’ve had mongolian grill, it was good times and good eats, kind of like a do-it-yourself hibachi.

got home around 8:20ish, talked with raistlinvassago, watched parts of “the pink panther” (haven’t really paid attention when we’ve been putting the dvd in since i want to watch it when i’m interested in it), and now mom has put in “wedding crashers” (which was surprising to me that she’d rented it – she had rented “wedding crashers”, as well as “the pink panther” and “wallace and gromit: the curse of the were-rabbit” for anne since she’s been sick the past few days – as it’s not really her sort of movie. it’s probably about a little more than halfway through, and she’s been working more on her crossword puzzle than watching the movie. hell, i’m not even really that into the movie, either… i was thinking of ripping it for watching it sometime that i can actually sit and pay attention, but from just what i’m seeing i’m not even going to bother.)

i’m probably going to run off to bed in a minute, though; i don’t really want to go to work tomorrow, but that’s what happens when the weekend is over. tomorrow night one of my fraternity brothers is announcing his candidacy for the maryland state legislature and i’m going to be at his announcement taking photos.

before i go off to bed, something like this sounds like it would be fun:

Takeuchi, a matsuri in the town of Rokugo, takes place once a year on February 15th. Men wearing crash helmets divide into two teams: the north and the south. At a signal, they carry massive bamboo poles into “battle” and whack at each other for 3 minute intervals. This happens twice. After that, the men simply slug it out until they are told to stop (a command they tend to ignore for some time).

ok, bedtimes now…