#3598 – what's that about??

so i’m talking with festive about the women’s speedskating in the olympics right now, and since she was going on about ogling the men’s skating i got to go on about the women’s skating.

it was funny when these korean skaters one, and they showed a bunch of korean fans cheering and one of them was wearing a red sweatshirt with a union jack on it, hahahaha…

anyway, so she’s going on about how the men speedskaters have hot asses, and i’m going on about the women, when suddenly the tv starts going on about how this guy in torino sells philadelphia cheese steaks, and the interviewer keeps going on and on about cheese steaks, and we were getting impatient:

michelle: i was just trying to figure out what the hell this has to do with the olympics

me: i wanna see a different sort of meat

me: aka “speedskater rumproast”

michelle: speedskater rumproast. PRICELESS

but be careful! ogling can be harmful to your chatting!

katie: omgz i’m so tired…why am i studying right now?

me: hahahaha

me: i’m watching women’s speedskating

me: much better than speedskating

katie: you would

me: much better than studying i mean

me: hahahaha

me: i was too busy ogling asses

me: my bad

(now they’re driving a ferarri on the roof of the fiat building, too bad they already did that in the original “the italian job” with minis! :P)