i mean ZOMG.

after hanging out with bruno_boy and zenmetsu a few weeks ago and talking about old high school stories and teachers and such, i’ve been wondering whatever happened to my old spanish teacher.

first, some background: i had her for spanish my freshman year (and the guy who sat next to me all year not only looked like ace ventura, but acted like him as well, and though the teacher was pretty hot he took things to extremes. but anyway…), and a year or so after that she drove the vanpool to and from annapolis to school every day since she lived in the area.

one day the van was a real mess, and she wanted us to clean it and told us she’d bring us all down to her house and cook us food and we’d get a pizza and have fun cleaning the van, and we figured sure we’d do it if there’d be free food. well, when she came out in a white t-shirt you would figure there’d be trouble, and one of the guys “accidentally” sprayed her with the hose and we had a big water fight outside.

anyway, the last i knew she wasn’t teaching anymore, but i had seen in the paper a few years ago that she was now miss maryland or something and had been giving presentations on ovarian cancer or something, and after our reminiscing i was wondering what she’s been up to. (i knew about this already) (which i presume is for (the picture at the bottom left DEFINITELY looks more like her than those other ones, but wow… and if there was any doubt because of the other pictures, the internet archive wayback machine ties it all together)

but YIKES. i mean… YIKES. that is serious business for anyone who’s gone to an all-guy’s highschool, hahaa….