#3597 – another season

oh yeah, while i was at work today two of my coworkers in my team called me:

ladies: “hey, glenn!”

me: “huh?”

ladies: “take off your glasses and come here!”

me: “uh, ok…”

ladies: “… yeah, you’re cuter without your glasses!”

later one of them was passing my desk and said to me “glenn, we were over there undressing you earlier… oh! that did NOT come out right at all! uh… uh… uh…”

me: “you mean dissecting?”

lady: “no… we were discussing what sort of haircut you should get and what sort of clothes to wear, stuff like that!”

me: “what is this, another season of ‘ladies’ eye for the glenn guy’??”

other coworkers: “HAHAHA”

why oh why couldn’t it have been the cute girl i’ve seen at work? it would have been nice if it were someone my age, single, and sexy. however, none of the above criteria were met. blahh…

at least we’re moving down to the second floor (where the cute girl now is!) on friday or monday; i’ve got off on thursday-monday, so when i come back on tuesday i’ll be down there now.

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