#3596 – kidnapped by the koreans

last night in my dream, somehow annapolis was kind of merged with baltimore, so camden yards was right smack downtown somewhere. the lights were on, and because of that someone kept telling me that tomorrow was going to be opening day even though i knew that pitchers and catchers only reported to spring training a few days ago so it couldn’t be. that was all at night, and then it soon turned into daytime – the days didn’t last very long, so it was all just one non-stop dream.

during the day i took a trolley ride through town, and i noticed new shops – the only one i really remember was a gelato place downtown. i went into a few shops and bought a few things, but i don’t remember where i was or what i bought.

it became nighttime again, and as we started walking home from downtown we reached where college creek bridge was supposed to be, but instead of the bridge there were all these steps going straight down (think of the way a mayan temple looks), and there was a soldier up top and a few others several steps down with a machine gun emplacement and sandbags; at the bottom of the steps at the creek were pontoon boats, and another machine gun emplacement. when we reached the soldier at the top of the steps the machine gun emplacement across the creek started firing at us and so we ran down to where the sandbags were on our side while our machine gun fired back. somehow we ended up back at home, but i don’t remember if we were captured on the way there or not.

anyway, the next thing i remember is we’re standing around our house (and it’s a HUGE house, with different parts of it looking like different parts from different houses i’ve been in. we were standing in a room that looked like grandmother and grandaddy’s old living room (complete with furniture, too), with all these soldiers who had little flags with two stripes (one yellow, one orange) lengthwise on their caps. it was then that we found out that grandaddy was actually a korean spy and that he had given the koreans some big secret so they could come here and invade. he looked a lot fitter in this dream now, too.

in this movie i had a wife and kids, and so the koreans took my master bedroom for themselves, and i had to sleep in a sort of electrical closet in the basement with the dog (who looked a lot like triumph, but he didn’t talk). there were a bunch of toys in there too, i guess it was leading up to christmas but we hadn’t yet wrapped them. one of the toys i found was some little radio broadcasting kit, and i hooked that up to a toy piano keyboard and while i was looking around the room i heard this voice and looked over to see the dog and a midget astronaut playing away on the keyboard and doing some broadcast.

and then i woke up. bi-zarre.