#3595 – summary

so today i went to pap-pap’s; he’s doing a bit better, but still not that great – his dialysis worked out today (mom stayed over at his apartment the night before), and they’ve got another dialysis appointment tomorrow (aunt ellen is staying over tonight to help him with that appointment). he’s complaining of feeling so dehydrated that he can’t really walk, and they had to make another hole for the dialysis procedure, but it’s only a temporary situation.

anyway, so i went to his apartment and we got turbotax installed, and pap-pap and mom and aunt ellen and i went out to eat at his place… i mentioned it before, but it bears mentioning again – the whole place looks like a dorm for old folks, it’s got little shelves outside each apartment where they decorate for their personality, and the entire complex is enclosed with skywalks separating building from building.

at the dining place we went to today, they’ve got a valet parking system for peoples’ walkers and scooters – you ride up to your table, and they give you a claim ticket and drive it away, and when you’re done you hold up your ticket and they bring back your scooter.

so we had dinner with him, and it wasn’t bad (except for my sweet potato pie which wasn’t sweet at all… how can you have a sugar free sweet potato pie??).

came home and chatted with raistlinvassago for a few hours, showed mom the guitar hero game, chatted with whammywah some, and then talked on the phone with raistlinvassago from about 11 or so until about 2 am. lots of fun, she has a very pleasant voice 😀

dad wanted me to come with him to fort lookout where he and kelly and anne occasionally do civil war reenacting, but i wasn’t interested… it’s too cold out, and who wants to wake up at 7 am on their day off? besides, i might be trying to get into dc to see about meeting anaidiana and xyloart to say hi even if i don’t go in to katsucon, and i’ve got to go to the post office to mail a letter to get reimbursed for my “walking and jogging” class and ship out my busted circuitboard for my ipod hookup, go to the bank to cash or deposit pap-pap’s check he wrote me for buying him turbotax, might see about taking my mini to the car wash (i’ll try out this one across from the harbor center… ooh! and then i can get me some fried chicken, and a smoothie too!) and whammywah might be coming by tomorrow after work – i need to show him guitar hero and my dvd about the who as well as my rockin’ blue man group dvd which he needs to see too. oh yeah, and the hdtv picture, since he just bought an hdtv and wants to know how good it looks if he were to sign up for the hdtv service, hah…. musn’t forget that. i guess i’ll call him tomorrow to find out when he’ll be coming.