#3593 – little glenn to riderwood

This is the story of “Little Glenn to Riderwood”… no! not “Little Red Riding Hood”! It’s “Little Glenn to Riderwood”! See:

Once upon a time there lived in a certain village a little Glenn, the most handsome Glenn in the world. His grandfather lived in Riderwood retirement village.

One day his mother said to him, “Go, my dear, and see how your grandfather is doing, for I hear he has been very ill. Take him a copy of TurboTax, a laundry basket, and a little teflon skillet.”

Glenn set out immediately to go to his grandfather, who lived in a distant village.

see, pap-pap’s not doing too well; mom’s stayed with him the past few nights.

Dr. Silva again did some cleaning of the graft in Dad’s arm, breaking up

some clots that were further up the arm. His arm is pretty bruised now. I

was hoping the doctor would try to do something about it again today since

it didn’t work yesterday.

Dr. Silva also inserted a catheter near his shoulder for temporary dialysis.

He is scheduled to go to dialysis at 6:30 at the Davida Center Friday

morning. I’m spending the night and will take him there, and bring him home.

The dialysis center is instructed to use the catheter near his shoulder

until his arm gets less sore – it might be a week or more before they will

be able to use his arm.

Dad seems to be in good spirits despite the very, very long day at Shady

Grove. He said the procedure was pretty painful, and he has many bruises to

prove it.

Let’s hope that he has a very successful treatment tomorrow. Dad did call a

transplant center to get the application started for a kidney transplant. I

assume they will be sending him something in the mail.

poor pap-pap.