#3591 – tangential rant

here’s a link in which the campus paper has a very good quality article.

i’m hoping that tonight i don’t end up waking up every hour and think that i’m late for work. last night sucked for sleep. 🙁

tomorrow: work, class (with a presentation), and then maybe to the espnzone for a brotherhood event.

after work today i went up to umbc, dropped off paperwork so work can pay for my tuition this semester, and hung out with bruno_boy for a few hours before going with some fraternity brothers to a brotherhood/rush event at a bowling alley. apparently there were two or three other fraternities there as well, and (though i’m not going to name names; i’m no rat-fink) the one next to us was really a pain. i was going to do a rant about how some fraternities’ actions sully the name of fraternities in general, especially when some of us are genuinely concerned with fostering a sense of brotherhood among ourselves, but that’ll have to wait for another time.

here’s some tips, though: when you’re in what’s supposed to be a dry rush based on interfraternity council specifications, don’t go running around a bowling alley with pitchers of beer. also, some of us prefer to be “fraternity brothers”, not “frat boys”. would you call your country a “cunt”? didn’t think so.

their rush shirt is pretty chuckleariously stupid though, in a jay leno “headlines” sort of way: “women want us, men want to be us, everyone else fears us”… uh, alright… once you take the women out, and then you take the men out, who is the “everyone else”?? cue the goat jokes!

but GOD are some of these so-called “frat bros” annoying. and if you’re wondering what i’m talking about, i’ve got three things for you: popped collars, shorts, and sandals.

it’s really a shame that whenever fraternity involvement is mentioned, those three things usually spring to mind, along with a mental image of joe asshole. it’s a pity that people don’t seem to understand that many fraternity brothers are just regular guys, but it’s the drunk vocal majority that especially stick out.


it turned into a rant anyways. oh well!

in other news, i need a haircut.