#3589 – to paraphrase "rocky"

“to you, it’s valentine’s day. to me, it’s tuesday.”

yo adrian.

if my coworkers on my team weren’t receiving their flowers and balloons, my managers didn’t come buy with a bag of chocolate and a “valentine’s day grab-bag” (i reached in and pulled out a neon pink fuzzy heart… it looks more like a cat toy, hah…), and i didn’t have cards at home from dad and anne, i wouldn’t have known it was valentine’s day. it sounds like a bunch of things that happened today that would have reminded me what day it was, but who really cares? it’s just a holiday, so what? yawn. but i did have an awesome conversation with super sexy geek girl raistlinvassago and you didn’t, nyah nyah!

i was so tired this morning i rolled out of bed, into my work clothes, and hopped in the car and off to work. seriously, i don’t think there were more than 20 minutes between the time i woke up and the time i left. the day went by kind of quickly, though. faster than yesterday, and the whole department seemed a lot more relaxed than usual. i was happy too, i knocked out all but 2 or 3 of my orders out of the 20 or so that i had to do. i KNOW i completed at least 15 orders, much more than my 5 or so i’ve been getting done lately… while they had been telling us recently they want us to complete 30 a day – which is IMPOSSIBLE – we’ve heard they’re going to bring that down. how far down, who knows? it’s also the first time this year that i haven’t had an order in “wait” status (when you’re waiting for clarification from a rep or another department you put it in “wait”, but you don’t get credit for it until you mark it as “completed”, so even though you might be doing a ton of work on it in “wait” status, it doesn’t matter in the end).

i was so tired at work today i skipped lunch just to kind of lean back and rest my eyes for an hour in my chair. after work i just came straight home – i would have driven up to umbc, except i had enough gas to either go to umbc or go home, and didn’t have enough money to fill the tank up since tomorrow is actually payday. i’ll have to get gas on my way to work in the morning.

anyway, came home, watched a tintin dvd with anne, chatted for a few hours with raistlinvassago, and watched a bit of the olympics. this woman speedskater who won the gold medal for the women’s 500m race had some pretty funny expressions when she was finding out that she won – she didn’t look like she believed a word of it, haha…

the furnace man was supposed to come today to install the new furnace, but apparently he couldn’t make it and we won’t be getting the furnace until tomorrow… time for another night of sleeping on the couch with 5 blankets…

mom’s spending the night at pap-pap’s place; he’s got some super important and apparently worrying surgery tomorrow where they need to clear out these blood clots so that he can continue getting dialysis, since apparently where they usually hook him up for dialysis is all clotted up now. they haven’t said that he’d die from it, but everyone’s real concerned and have been figuring out medical power of attorney issues and such. he’s 83 years old or so, and hasn’t been doing very well this past year. it’s sad…