#3587 – leave at 6:20 am, home by 11:30 pm

well, as much as i would have liked for them to close/delay work, it wasn’t that bad of a drive into the office. apparently the traffic in the opposite direction part of the way on 97 wasn’t that great, there was some big accident and traffic was going to be stopped for 30-45 minutes..

work today was nothing special; same old, same old. the day seemed to go by pretty fast, but i wasn’t able to start work on most of my orders in my inbox until a few hours into my shift, since the system i needed to log into for west coast orders is down when we come in on mondays. i guess that maybe that most of the federal government around dc took off because of the snow and maybe that was part of the reason for our slow day? *shrug* it was lunchtime before i knew it, and it seemed that it wasn’t long after that that it was time to go home. i still only completed a handful of orders, since the ones that i did get were really bizarre situations that involved more work than what should really have been necessary.

i did have “every rose has its thorn” by poison stuck in my head for most of the morning. I AM SO VERY VERY SORRY. 🙁 i don’t even own the song, let alone have it on my computer!

went up to umbc afterwards, did some reading for my class, hung out with friends until the fraternity’s casino night rush event and played roulette and tried to learn how to play craps (i’ve got a small inkling now how to play). afterwards we had our business meeting from 10 – 11, and was back home by 11:30.

i got my photos from yesterday’s snow posted up on my flickr site… this is one of my favorites:

jennifer love hewitt is on leno right now; she’s looking pretty good, though i don’t think i like the dress she’s wearing… it reminds me more of curtains or drapes than a dress. hrm. as i’m watching her interview i keep thinking of her in “can’t hardly wait”, heh… her mannerisms remind me of heather, one of my coworkers from back in the store – it’s really weird how similar she’s acting.

now it’s about time for bed as i’ll have to get up again at 5:30 for work, yaaay work.