#3585 – randomized

i spent much of tonight working on my travel site, and worked it up so it randomizes the title image each time the page loads. it was pretty fun looking through my travel pictures and making each one look unique and pick a font that seemed to match the picture… i ended up making several images:

my favorite is probably the one of the passport stamps; that one took the most work and i really like how it turned out!

i took a few pictures of the snow today, but unfortunately flickr was crapping out when i was trying to post them, so i’m working on posting them up there now. we ended up getting about 6″ or so of heavy wet snow – there’s a bunch of trees with broken limbs and busted telephone lines around the neighborhoods. i don’t want to go to work tomorrow, but i can’t use my emergency short notice day since i already used it, but i’m glad i used it when i did; i needed that day off. i won’t know until the morning if there’s any sort of delay for work, but i’m betting there won’t be any delay and work will be open on time as usual. hrmph.

time for bed… at least this week is a short week also, only working through thursday…