#3581 – i was right

FoxTrax (colloquially called the glow puck, smart puck, or super puck) was a specialized ice hockey puck with internal electronics that allow its position to be tracked that was designed for NHL telecasts on the Fox television network. Primarily, it was used to visually highlight the puck on-screen and display a trail when the puck was moving rapidly.

i was right, it was fox. also also, i think we should get a zamboni, so we can be the first people on our block to own a zamboni. which reminds me! since they’re supposed to be building a new navy hockey ice rink, how are they going to move the zamboni from the old rink to the new one? drive it? that’d be pretty amusing to see a zamboni driving down the street, especially if the streets are all icy after a winter storm! better than those snowplows!

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