#3578 – music meme

well, i finally finished! when i got my video ipod at the end of 2005 i was noticing how a bunch of the songs that i had downloaded or acquired by other means were just awful to listen to – all sorts of compression artifacts and other glitches. i was also getting really anal about my music library and had been trying to keep all the track info as correct as possible. so, when i got the ipod i backed up my entire music library to an external hard drive (so i’ve still got the songs, they’re just not in my regular rotation), and started work on importing all my cds and adding artwork and keeping the tags and genres and such as updated as i can. i’ve slacked off on keeping the composer information updated (i’m almost tempted to just clear out all of the composer tags and start work on those from scratch now), but it’s very nice having clearly defined genre tags! i know exactly where to look when i want to listen to certain types of music now. same thing with the years for each song, it helps with my smart playlists of “classic rock” or other general types of music.


anyway, this music meme started floating around and so i finished importing the last several cds i had to go through, and now that i’ve got my music library in there (99.9795+% legal, too!) it’s time for me to join up with this music meme!

pick a number between 1 and 5781 and i’ll post the song for you! they’re sorted by album, but if you want to throw a twist in it just ask for them to be sorted by artist or title or even a random sorting when you give me your number!

i’ll start you off with a good one, too: “The Music Goes Round And Round”, Frank Froeba and His Swing Band. it’s chucklearious when they mention the “reefer smoker’s ball”, since this is old school stuff from 1935!