#3573 – in summary

i’ve been busy working all day today; work itself is kind of boring, and i can’t wait for the weekend. some fruit loop with the epa in an office out west wants me to call him to explain why we can’t transfer his payment from one bill to another because they “paid on the wrong invoice”. i can’t transfer the payment because YOU DIDN’T MAKE A PAYMENT, it was a previous credit balance plus additional credit adjustments meant for that account! blah. it looks like it’ll be the first time i’ll have had to actually talk to a customer on the phone since i took this position. what don’t they understand about having a position on the “INTERNET RESPONSE TEAM”?? i’m not the “send me an email so i can call you team”! 😛

i want to play more guitar hero! i think i’ll buy it when i get my next paycheck.

i got a ton of work done on my pet project, my archive site of information about my fraternity’s chapter. hopefully i can send it out to the brothers this weekend.

i’ve got class tomorrow. i’m not looking forward to it; last week on the first day of class (we’re scheduled from 4:30 – 7), we spent the time from 4:30 – 6:15 just talking about the syllabus! we had to have a 10 minute break at 5:30 so we could talk more about the syllabus! sigh. maybe i’ll see about hanging out with bruno_boy afterwards so he can buy me food, haha…