#3572 – the ghost of rube goldberg wants you dead!

bruno_boy told me today he got some free “admit two” passes to see a sneak preview of a movie tonight:

me: “what movie?”

dave: “uhh, ‘final destination 3’…”

me: “… uh, what movie?”

i seriously hadn’t heard of it at all, but when i saw a few clips in the trailer i remembered seeing ads for the two previous ones. it ended up being myself, dave, and spelchec going. (i had left a message for meowremix3804 to see if she wanted to come for our fourth person, but i didn’t hear back. i almost had to cling to dave, and that wouldn’t have been fun. :P) anyway, if “gods and generals” should have been titled “stonewall jackson and pals”, this movie should have been titled “the ghost of rube goldberg wants you dead”. seriously! as an example:

1. set thermostat too high

2. condensation forms on cup

3. water drips on circuit breaker

4. circuit breaker somehow short-circuits

5. short circuit increases power to tanning beds

6. girls try to escape tanning beds

7. shelf falls and locks them in tanning beds so they fry alive

lots of the deaths (ok, all of the deaths) were all gory and i didn’t really care for it. even the nude scene wasn’t that fantastic! 🙁 at least it was a free movie!

sweet! one of the chix will be in “snakes on a plane”!

that random dinosaur comic-generator is more fun than what it really should be!

so travel + leisure magazine is having a photo contest; each month they publish a photo in their magazine, and the monthly winner gets an 8.something megapixel camera, and of the 12 monthly winners they pick a grand prize winner for a trip to mexico. i’m tempted to try entering a photo, but what i don’t like is this:

Any photograph entered in this Contest shall remain the exclusive property of Sponsor and entrant agrees that Sponsor and its designees shall have the perpetual, worldwide right to edit, publish, and use the photograph in any way and in any media for trade, advertising, promotional, and/or other purposes as Sponsor may determine in its sole discretion without further consideration to entrant or winner.

so basically if i won i’d relinquish all rights to that photograph? hmph. i can dig the whole part about how they have the right to edit/publish the photo, but the photo would become their exclusive property? no thanks. 😛