#3569 – sports

gahh… guitar hero is too much fun, and i’m noticing an improvement. didn’t fail out on any songs today! i need to buy that game. we also were saying how we should get the songs that are in the game and put them on a cd or something as our own soundtrack to the game. it’s got a good selection!

went to deltoidzee‘s place to see the super bowl with his hi-def projector, and we had a guitar hero halftime show and played some more after the game. i didn’t really care who won, but i’m glad for pittsburgh.

i think after yesterday’s hockey game i prefer hockey much much much more than basketball. basketball is pretty ho-hum, and i never really was that interested in it. hockey, on the other hand, while it has the same goal as basketball – put something in a net – you’ve got people fighting! much better!

tomorrow i’ve got a dentist appointment at 10 am. blah.